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Sunday Business Post 18th Oct 2009

Drowning in  a Financial Storm Sunday Business Post (Full Text) 18th October 2009 A Chara, Like a ship in stormy seas our banking system almost capsized. Now the government wants to hoist the sails once again regardless of the prevailing conditions. Even garbage can grow green shoots. It appears that stating the obvious that NAMA is […]

Madam President – Nama is Unconstitutional

Madam President โ€“ Nama is Unconstitutional 26th September 2009 Madam President, I would like to draw your attention to the NAMA legislation and why I believe it is repugnant to the constitution and as such, under article 15.4 of the constitution, should be referred to the Supreme Court to test its constitutionality. According to a […]

There is More to Society Than Economy

There is More to Society than Economy 6th March 2009 A Chara, The Irish papers are filled with news on banking scandals & economic decline while the real fundamental issues are being overlooked and remain unaddressed: 1. Our political system is corrupt, compromised and lacks the courage for real change. Opposition politicians can be seen supporting […]

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